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Two New National Certifications for Tobacco Treatment Specialists are Now Available!

Here’s what we know so far regarding the new national certifications for tobacco treatment specialists. Stay tuned for a future post highlighting individuals who earned each certification.

National Certification in Nicotine and Tobacco Treatment certification through NAADACNational Certification in Nicotine and Tobacco Treatment certification through NAADAC

Certified Professional in Tobacco Treatment through the American Heart Association

It is an exciting time to be working in tobacco treatment! This past year, we have seen the launch of two national certifications for tobacco treatment specialists: The American Heart Association’s Tobacco Treatment certification and the new National Certification in Nicotine and Tobacco Treatment through NAADAC.

Tobacco use disorder is one of the most common substance use issues worldwide, and there is a growing need for professionals with specialized knowledge of evidence-based treatment modalities for tobacco use. These national certifications give clinicians and others working in the world of tobacco treatment a professional edge.

Photo shows Duke-UNC TTS Training program participants holding their course completion certificates.

Tobacco treatment specialists function in many different roles across many treatment settings, so each individual who seeks national recognition of their knowledge and skills should decide which of the certification programs is right for them.

The graphic below provides a comparison of the two new certification programs available. Both are offered through nationally recognized organizations; both require completion of a nationally accredited tobacco treatment specialist training program (such as the Duke-UNC TTS Training Program); and both require taking and passing a national exam. And, unlike previous certificates, both of these certification options are renewable . We always recommend checking each program’s website for any updates to certification requirements.

Comparison of two national certification pathways for tobacco treatment specialists.
Comparison of two national certification pathways for tobacco treatment specialists. Click to expand or download.

Why Certification Matters

Photo showing Rachael Joyner, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, Duke Smoking Cessation Program

Duke Smoking Cessation Program nurse-practitioner and Duke-UNC TTS presenter Rachael Joyner shares some thoughts about how her tobacco treatment certificate has helped her.

“My National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice definitely helped me catch the attention of those hiring when I applied for a position with the Duke Smoking Cessation Program.

As a clinician, certifications have always been an important part of my professional life. They provide the necessary credentials for the work I do and recognition of my expertise. They signal to patients, employers, and others that I’ve undergone specialized training. Maintaining these credentials through continuing education requirements also keeps me current with the latest evidence-based treatment approaches.

I took the Duke-UNC Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training prior to sitting for my certification exam. Not only did the training help me complete the educational requirements necessary to apply for national certification, but it also prepared me to confidently take the test. During nurse practitioner school, we didn’t get much training on how to treat tobacco use. Honestly, we probably just talked about the health harms of smoking and nicotine patch dosing. I think a lot of people in the medical field have this same experience.”


Why Train with Duke-UNC TTS?

Duke-UNC TTS offers a range of interactive, evidence-based tobacco treatment training for healthcare professionals. Whether you are looking for a TTS training program to start your tobacco treatment career or need CE credits to keep your current certification active, we have training options for you! Visit our website to see our current course catalog.


Duke-UNC TTS is committed to keeping our trainees updated on the most current certification pathway information. Whether you are a previous trainee or considering training with us, feel free to reach out to our program staff with questions about certification.

Join us for an upcoming virtual Comprehensive Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program to get started on your pathway to certification! Our Spring session starts March 18, and our Summer session starts on July 15! Learn More >>


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