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Tips for Tobacco Treatment

A blog featuring bite-sized doses of practice-changing knowledge and treatment tips to help your patients quit smoking for good

Learn more about how to help patients quit with our Tips for Tobacco Treatment
Can you smoke while using a nicotine patch? Are e-cigarettes safe? How do I counsel a patient on smoking cessation during a 15-minute visit?

These are some of the questions we get asked as experts on tobacco treatment. Maybe you’ve had a similar question recently. Well, look no further, because we’ve got the answers to these questions and more.

This blog is an extension of the work we do through the Duke-UNC Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program, a collaborative education program brought to you by 3 leaders in the field: Duke Smoking Cessation Program, UNC Tobacco Treatment Program, and the NC Division of Public Health.

Our mission is to bring you the latest tobacco treatment tips and practice-changing knowledge that you can use in your daily care of patients and communities. We’re tapping into our brain trust of renowned experts in smoking cessation research, treatment, and education. You’ll hear from doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, physician assistants, behavioral health providers, researchers, and public health experts—who are all seriously passionate about helping patients quit smoking and tobacco for good.

Whether you are a certified tobacco treatment specialist with years of experience, or a newcomer to helping your patients and populations lead healthier, tobacco free lives, check back regularly for bite-sized doses of evidence-based tobacco treatment knowledge. If we’ve already piqued your interest and you want to learn more now, check out our upcoming comprehensive TTS training or 1-day intensive CME trainings. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weekly updates.


About the Author

Rachael Joyner is a family nurse practitioner with the Duke Smoking Cessation Program. She holds a National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice and received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Florida. She loves working collaboratively with patients to help them become tobacco free.


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