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QuitlineNC: A Resource for Providers

Easily refer your patients for free counseling and nicotine replacement medications

Double patients' chances of quitting smoking

Did you know that as a provider in North Carolina, you can refer your patients to QuitlineNC for FREE tobacco cessation support including behavioral counseling and medication?

QuitlineNC is available to all North Carolina residents wanting to quit any type of retailed tobacco or vape products. There are three ways you can refer your patient, including sending a fax with the appropriate form, sending a secured email, and sending a fax via your EHR. Patient’s may also directly contact QuitlineNC and enroll on their own. Visit the QuitlineNC website to learn more about their services and referral sources.


About the Author

Brittany Devine is a Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist with the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Northern Illinois University. She believes in incorporating a holistic approach to treating tobacco dependence that focuses on both internal and external factors of addiction.


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